Power Plant Equipment Layup Services

Sterling Energy provides expert generation equipment preservation and layup programs compliant with or exceeding manufacturer’s preservation guidelines.  We have developed and implemented comprehensive preservation programs for 4,500 MW of power generation equipment including turbines, generators, boilers, and auxiliary equipment.

Each of our preservation programs is custom tailored to fit the situation, whether it be receiving new equipment from the developer or manufacturer, or re-preserving equipment that has deteriorated. Our programs are typically turn-key and usually include the following services:

  • Create a master equipment list  based on a physical  inventory and as-found condition assessment of all equipment
  • Review existing manufacturer’s warranties and manufacturer’s preservation guidelines.
  • Develop preservation programs for equipment to be stored outdoors, indoors, or in indoor climate-controlled enclosures. The preservation programs often include dehumidification, temperature control, turning, and lubrication of critical equipment such as turbines and generators.
  • Negotiate and manage transportation, heavy haul, lifting, and warehouse contracts.
  • Erect indoor tarp enclosures and instrumentation to allow control of humidity, temperature, and dust for critical plant equipment.
  • Fit tarps on equipment stored outdoors to protect equipment from rain, dust, and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Preserve or, in some cases, re-preserve metal surfaces to prevent corrosion.  Preservation often includes a vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI).
  • Install or provide additional desiccant in enclosed spaces to absorb moisture and minimize corrosion.
  • Develop preservation program database, preservation tasks and schedule.
  • Develop quality control plan to assure the effectiveness of the preservation program.

Read more about our preservation and layup experience.

For more information please contact Tom Burns.

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